KRG Begins Government Formation

For example, the PUK, who felt confident they would see better overall results in the April 30 elections, wanted to continue to negotiate power sharing – but from a position of power after these new votes were counted.

Making the announcement, allowed parties the Change movement to use their new jobs as part of their election campaigning – it made them look stronger.

Despite this, local analysts say the new positions are very significant because this is the first time that the long-time opposition party, the Change movement, has actually made it into power. It is an indicator of political change in the region and it will also mean that all eyes will be on the Change movement. For a long time, this party was simply able to criticize those in power – now they will have to front up on the reforms they have always promised.

During a press conference held after the parliamentary sitting ended, Mohammed said that Iraqi Kurdish politicians had ushered in “a new phase of democracy” in the region. He also pledged to uphold the promises the Change movement had made the constituency and he said that parliamentary sessions would continue to be broadcast live to encourage more transparency.

According to local newspaper, Rudaw, Mohammed also said that if the PUK decided it would participate in this government that it too would get some important positions allocated to its senior members.

“The PUK has officially remained undecided about participating in the next government, as it insists on getting the Interior Ministry,” Rudaw reported.

It was also announced that Parliament’s next session will begin shortly, on May 4, so that further politicians can be appointed and the new Iraqi Kurdish government can begin work.

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