KRG Begins Government Formation

The region’s Islamic parties said they were also satisfied with the posts they had been given.

During the April 29 sitting of Parliament, which was broadcast live on several different satellite stations, the Change movement’s  Yousef Mohammed was confirmed as Speaker, the KDP’s Jafar Ibrahim Eminki was elected Deputy Speaker and Islamic party candidate, Fakhradin Qadr, was made the Parliamentary secretary.

The only party currently left out of the agreement is the PUK. The PUK, whose leader, Jalal Talabani, has been in a hospital in Germany for over a year now after suffering a stroke, has lost a lot of support to the KDP and to the Change movement, a party that formed as a break away from the PUK on an anti-corruption platform.

And apparently the PUK is far from happy with the current power sharing agreement. Members of the PUK believe that the party’s history of struggle on behalf of the Kurdish people and its general status as an important political force over the decades should be taken into account. Additionally the party also still administers a large part of the Sulaymaniyah area so party members believe they have a right to be in charge of one of the two security-related ministries, the Ministry of the Interior or the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs. During voting on the power sharing agreement, members of the PUK actually walked out of the session.

Critics of this new government, including those from the PUK who feel they’ve been sidelined in this process, say announcing these moves a day before general elections in Iraq and provincial elections in Iraqi Kurdistan, say it’s a deliberate move.

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