War with ISIS 'AcidTest' of US-Iraq Ties

“Let me repeat that no one is immune from it,” he said. “If our neighbors think that this can be contained in Iraq, then unfortunately they need to relook at the history and relook at the core ideology of these terrorist organizations.”

The text of the full interview follows:

Al-Monitor: The New York Times reports today that Iran is flying drones in Iraq and supplying military equipment to Iraq. Does the Iraqi government expect further military support from Iran? What is the nature of the Iraqi request for assistance to Iran?

Faily: As you know, we have a major challenge facing our military capabilities to deal with the ongoing offensive from ISIS, which does mean that we need to revamp our military capabilities, and in that aspect of it, Iraq is relying on the US to provide that capability.

If that capability is unable to be fulfilled in dealing with the urgency we have on the ground, unfortunately that means that we will not be in a position to choose our partners and whoever is available to help us in our survival war, then we will take that.

Al-Monitor: Do you expect Iran to provide more support? Would they provide troops at any point?

Faily: We know that the Iranians are anxious; they are worried themselves, because ISIS were for a while on their borders in the Diyala province, so to them that is an immediate threat to their national security. We also appreciate that the common fight against terrorism has to be a regional and a global one.

The United States and Iraq can work together, we welcome that, we would like to work with all three in our combat against terrorism.

Al-Monitor: Nickolay Mladenov, the [UN] secretary-general’s special representative in Iraq, yesterday called for a military complement to a political solution in Iraq. Al-Monitor broke the news Wednesday that Iraq has submitted a letter to the UN secretary-general requesting military equipment and logistical assistance. Could you please explain in more detail the nature of your request, and your expectations for support from the international community?

One Response to War with ISIS 'AcidTest' of US-Iraq Ties

  1. Awake 21st August 2014 at 13:40 #

    I am conservative, OK.
    Obama using the Airforce to support our allies is the first good thing I have ever seen him do.
    The local people need to be able to take care of this problem if it is to be stopped. Major military actions by the US have not achieved the desired goals in the region and will not in the future.
    News people etc. that go into dangerous areas are making the decision.
    If they do not want to risk their lives, then they should stay out of the area. The inflammatory images do not change a thing.
    They place them selves in harms way.