War with ISIS 'AcidTest' of US-Iraq Ties

Faily: The threat we face is a regional threat. It will destabilize the region if not the globe in relation to geopolitics and in relation to, for example, the supply of petrol for the world economy. That is because of the richness of Iraq and the geographical position of Iraq.

In a way we feel like it has to be an international response; we have provided the letter, highlighting that we are under an aggression from ISIS and that we seek international support. The US and others have asked us to approach the UN as part of their better understanding of the scale, and for Iraq to say that we are seeking international support. Not to make the support only bilateral, but to make it a multilateral situation. And this is more or less the core of it.

The UN understands the urgency of the situation they have their representative on the ground, so he has a good understanding of that, and we are more or less providing an opportunity for the international community to support Iraq.

Al-Monitor:  Syrian planes attacked ISIS positions in or around the Iraqi border town of Qaim this week. Does Iraq welcome this action as assistance from Syria against ISIS? Does Iraq consider itself allies with Syria against ISIS?

Faily:  The situation as you know is crucial and any air supremacy support provided to Iraq will surely have a significant effect. That to us is a key game changer. That is why we have been asking the US for over a year now for Apache helicopters to provide us with air supremacy.

Unfortunately, at that time, if we had that capability, ISIS would not have provided a threat. They had camps, they were in deserts, they were outside residential areas, and there would not have been any collateral damage and so on. Because that was not provided, unfortunately now we are in the position where we are saying that anybody’s support would be welcome here with the immediate threat to our survival.

We have had offers from the Syrians before and we declined them. But it seems that the support that we sought from the US is not coming in a timely manner to deal with our urgency, which is more or less putting us in an uncomfortable position in seeking support from whoever is available on the ground.

One Response to War with ISIS 'AcidTest' of US-Iraq Ties

  1. Awake 21st August 2014 at 13:40 #

    I am conservative, OK.
    Obama using the Airforce to support our allies is the first good thing I have ever seen him do.
    The local people need to be able to take care of this problem if it is to be stopped. Major military actions by the US have not achieved the desired goals in the region and will not in the future.
    News people etc. that go into dangerous areas are making the decision.
    If they do not want to risk their lives, then they should stay out of the area. The inflammatory images do not change a thing.
    They place them selves in harms way.