War with ISIS 'AcidTest' of US-Iraq Ties

Faily:  At this moment, there is a pause in the negotiations because of the immediate threat on the ground. So we have a common enemy, and we are trying to work together to address that common enemy. Other issues such as oil, or others, are put on the side for now. These issues will be addressed as part of the negotiation for the government formation and following that. So we will look at those issues at that time as to the oil and other issues.

The Kirkuk situation is part of the constitution, so that has to be addressed. What we say in the central government is that the KRG and others are under an important juncture in their relationship with the central government. We, all Iraqis, have voted for a constitution which talks about Iraq as one. The constitution, we think, should be applied for all; until that constitution is changed, everybody, including the KRG, should play their part based on the constitution which they have signed. That is the current status.

Al-Monitor:  When you say the current crisis now is focused on the terrorist threat and there topics are differed, is Baghdad pleased with the extent of Kurdish cooperation at this point?

Faily:  We think that there are areas for further cooperation. There is certainly a sense of urgency; we highlight that no one is immune from it and we have also said that we need to work together to repel this tumor in our body. For example, areas where sensitive minorities live — such as in Ninevah valley — these are Christians and other type of minorities who are immediately, and to be honest, they are already being adversely impacted by this aggression such as by ethnic cleansing and other displacements; abuses to minorities are taking place by ISIS.

And we think that the KRG government should work closely with our central government in trying to minimize the impact and bring some normality to the lives of those minorities, because they do feel that they are under immediate threat of survival and not just to their identity.

One Response to War with ISIS 'AcidTest' of US-Iraq Ties

  1. Awake 21st August 2014 at 13:40 #

    I am conservative, OK.
    Obama using the Airforce to support our allies is the first good thing I have ever seen him do.
    The local people need to be able to take care of this problem if it is to be stopped. Major military actions by the US have not achieved the desired goals in the region and will not in the future.
    News people etc. that go into dangerous areas are making the decision.
    If they do not want to risk their lives, then they should stay out of the area. The inflammatory images do not change a thing.
    They place them selves in harms way.