Transparency in Iraq’s Extractive Industry at a Crossroads

Transparency Governance in Iraq’s Extractive Industry at a Crossroads

by Ahmed Mousa Jiyad,

Iraq/ Development Consultancy and Research,

Phone: (+47) 5659 5699 Email: [email protected]

Iraq has done rather well by joining and acquiring compliance status with Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI). Significant aspects of transparency are observed; vital entities created and annual reports delivered.

Yet, this paper argues: that these annual reports are far from what they should be; that impacts, effectiveness and sustainability of transparency are what really matter; and that relevant institutional, systemic and human capacity developments are urgently needed to deepen transparency and enhance governance.

This case study is premised on firsthand involvement and constant monitoring of IEITI since its inception. It intends to analyze the effectiveness of transparency modalities in the petroleum sector in the country; to provide an update for this year review; to blow whistle on the waning transparency in the sector; and finally, identify flaws and suggest remedial action.

The paper begins with background note then proceeds in addressing the preparation for 2012/3 report and highlighting the national capability constraints. The analysis covers the assessment of Work and Communication Plans; effectiveness and openness of the MSG; the apparent retreat of transparency; and it ends with concluding remarks.

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    Transparency in Iraq’s Extractive Industry at a Crossroads

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