KRG to Collect Info on Abducted Yezidi Women

A committee in charge of collecting accurate data and information on the conditions of Yezidi Kurdish women, abducted by the Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham, ISIS, terrorist organisation, is being set up.

The decision was taken yesterday during the regular meeting of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Women Rights Monitoring Board, chaired by the KRG Deputy Prime Minister, Qubad Talabani.

The conditions of those abducted Yezidi girls and women who were rescued and their needs were highlighted in the meeting. The impact of the influx of a high number of internally displaced people and refugees, as the result of ISIS terrorists’ attacks, on Kurdistan Region’s social conditions was also discussed, as well as the situation at the refugee camps.

Pakhshan Zangana the Secretary General of the KRG High Council of Women's Affairs - that includes representatives from the ministries of Interior, Health, Labour and Social Affairs and the Department of Follow Up and Coordination - was decided to head the committee.

Deputy Prime Minister Talabani said the case of abducted Yezidi girls and women is extremely important and urged the relevant bodies to work jointly in order to establish accurate data and information and deal with the case in the best way possible.

KRG Women’s Right Monitoring Board comprises the membership of KRG Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, the Ministers of Interior, Justice, Health, Labor and Social Affairs, Endowment and Religious Affairs, Youth and Culture and KRG High Council of Women Affairs.

The board’s mission is to create a platform for coordination aiming at developing KRG’s policy regarding women issues and strengthening the work and strategies of institutions which deal with women issues in the Kurdistan Region.

(Source: KRG)

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