US Gear from Afghan War Awaits Iraq Role

By John Lee.

US News have reported on the presence of several thousand American armoured vehicles being serviced at a US base in Kuwait, in possible preparation for their movement into Iraq.

The vehicles are primarily MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles) expensive bulletproof and IED resistant trucks that became a key tool in the US counterinsurgency effort in Iraq.

Most of the other vehicles are the ubiquitous Humvee (High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle) which has armoured doors, thick bulletproof glass windows and a turret that can house a large calibre weapon. These vehicles are vulnerable to IEDs and large calibre weapons.

The United States' army have already announced that 250 MRAPs--ideal for counter-terrorism but not much use in conventional warfare--will be going to the Iraqi army. American general Maj Gen. Rowayne Schatz has confirmed that some (but not all) of the vehicles in Kuwait will be going to Iraq.

If such a huge transfer of armoured vehicles occurs, it will be bad news for ISIL, who have inflicted significant damage on Iraq's armoured capability during their June offensive. Now the group have suffered serious setbacks, and will be facing a re-equipped and newly combat experienced Iraqi army.

A planned sale of $12 billion in tanks and soft skinned vehicles to the Iraqi army is currently being examined by Congress.

(Source: US News)


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