Budget 2015 "Needs Serious Revision"

Iraqi State Budget 2015- It Deserves Careful Reading But Needs Serious Revision

By Ahmed Mousa Jiyad.

The first reading of the draft law for budget 2015 by the Federal Parliament was done on 25 December at a presence of only 229 members of the Parliament. According to the parliamentary procedure the first reading entail reading the full text of the draft law without discussing or debating its contents.

The draft law was referred to the Finance and Legal Committees of the Parliament for examination and prepare opinion that would be delivered during the second reading.

The parliament adjourned and will reconvene on 7 January 2015.

Until the commencement of the second reading the above two Committees, other parliamentarians, experts and interested public have to examine thoroughly the draft budget and express opinion before tabling the draft law for voting and adoption.

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