IEITI 4th Annual Report - Pros and Cons

IEITI 4th Annual Report 2012- Pros and Cons

By Ahmed Mousa Jiyad.

For the fourth year in a row Iraq Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (IEITI) has been successful by releasing, in December 2014, its annual report entitled this year: Iraqi Oil Revenues 2012, Local Consumption and Field Development.

A thorough review and analysis indicate that this year Report is qualitatively much better, more comprehensive and well written compared with the previous three annual reports.

IEITI National Secretariat-NS and the Multi-Stakeholder Counsel/Group (MSG) were positively responsive to external remarks and assessments, including those of this author. This openness and responsiveness, which is highly praised and appreciated, had contributed to reach this apparent improvement in the Report.

The recognized good improvement in preparing and finalizing the Report surely indicates to an enhancement in the learning curve of the involved entities in preparing the Report.

That said, there remains many serious flaws, shortcoming, inaccuracies and inconsistencies, which I will attempt to address briefly in the remaining space of this paper. The purpose is to help these entities in their future efforts so that they could contribute to produce good and more improved Reports.

Please click here to download Ahmed Mousa Jiyad's full report.

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