We Are All Responsible, Says Iraqi Donor

You mentioned wealthy Iraqis.  Yes, I wish that any Iraqi, who has the ability and the capacity to return and do something good for the country, does it - instead of simply talking about their love for their country.  This country can only be built back up by its sons and not only by beautiful words. It needs deeds.

NIQASH: Did you insist on this being a school for girls because you felt that Iraqi women are discriminated against?  

Al-Birmani: This could be true. On the other hand I have noticed that Iraqi women excel in all fields inside and outside the country, so it is important to encourage them.  They are more efficient and active than men, despite the social pressures and those pressures justified by fictitious religious reasons.

Iraqi women have proven their ability in all fields of work and they are performing much better than men. Young Iraqi women are doing better in school and various statistics in Iraq prove this. The Iraqi women who live outside Iraq have shown that they are capable of carrying the responsibility.

In my opinion, they do better than men in learning host countries' languages and in everyday life.  They try to integrate in their host society without sacrificing their traditions. More importantly, they take pride in their Iraqi identity.

NIQASH: Will the school introduce a new curriculum that fosters a spirit of tolerance and peace and concern for the environment?

Al-Birmani: My mission ended when I handed the school over to the Ministry of Education in Babel.  However, I was able to contribute to the selection of the teaching staff.  When it was the time to hand the school over, I had a short list with the names of the best teachers in Babel and I also suggested the name of the school principal.

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