We Are All Responsible, Says Iraqi Donor

When I returned to Norway, I kept up contact with officials until we reached a final agreement on the teaching staff.  Some considered this a violation of the law but time has proven that the principal I had chosen was the best to handle this position.  She is a very active person, well-educated and well cultured; she loves her work and she has lots of ideas to develop the school. I am still in contact with her and we exchange ideas, and I listen to her advice.

I think that Iraq needs a professional cadre.  We need those who can develop our agricultural wealth and who can improve the use of the country's resources. Iraq suffers from a significant lack of professional competency, especially among its women.

NIQASH: Civil society organizations perform an important task in the West and their work leads to significant social changes. Shouldn't the Iraqis to pay attention to this issue as well, to achieve certain goals, which the successive Iraqi governments have failed in achieving?

Al-Birmani: In developed countries and in many developing countries there are charities.  Most of the workers are retired, unemployed or volunteers who consider their work a duty towards their society.  Everybody is a winner in voluntary work.

I sincerely call upon Iraqis abroad to actively participate in saving our young people from becoming lost, from extremism or from heading down the wrong path. I wish I could find people who would help me establish a voluntary society.

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