Zain Iraq to start Trading soon on ISX

By John Lee.

Reuters reports that Zain Iraq will list on the Baghdad Stock Exchange (ISX) on 23rd June.

Under the terms of its 15-year licence awarded in 2007, the company, along with Iraq's two other mobile phone firms, was required to float at least a quarter of its shares on the ISX by August 2011.

To date, only Ooredoo's Asiacell has floated.

(Source: Reuters)

(IPO image via Shutterstock)

One Response to Zain Iraq to start Trading soon on ISX

  1. scott 20th June 2015 at 04:02 #

    I'm in the ISX for 2 years now and very comfortable with the companies
    I have, but might sell some of a few shares of the companies with the greatest amount of shares I have with them.
    I have to buy zain because in the future that company will do so much better than
    the ones I might sell. I know I can't lose on any of them but telecommunication companies
    are the best besides the banks. I will watch the trading with zain for a while and not react until it settles down

    If you have suggestions please feel free to email me.

    Best Regards, Scott