EU Supports UNICEF in Iraq

With Iraq on the verge of a massive funding shortfall, European Commission steps in to provide vital, frontline support

The European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO) has made a € 3,000,000 contribution to UNICEF in Iraq to support the distribution of immediate life-saving supplies to tens of thousands of families displaced by violence.

The humanitarian crisis in Iraqi is complex and shows no signs of abating,” said Philippe Heffinck, UNICEF’s Representative in Iraq. “Many thousands of families have fled their homes with only what they could carry. The generous contribution by ECHO will allow UNICEF to distribute emergency relief supplies in order to prevent further tragedy.

Funding from ECHO will support the UNICEF and WFP-led Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM), by which a consortium of humanitarian partners, including IOM, UNFPA, and nine NGOs, distribute pre-packaged, life-saving supplies to displaced families on the move.

Designed to fulfil the basic needs of a family of seven, each RRM kit contains 12 litres of water, food rations and hygiene items.

Since the first massive wave of internal displacement in July 2014, the RRM has reached more than two million people – nearly half of whom are children – with life-saving supplies.

With no end in sight for Iraq’s displacement crisis, the ECHO funds are a critical and timely contribution, and will allow UNICEF and partners to reach more than 85,000 families with emergency aid.

With Iraq on the brink of a humanitarian disaster, and UN agencies facing a massive funding shortfall, we are grateful for the partnership with ECHO and the vital contribution to UNICEF’s frontline response,” said Mr Heffinck.

(Source: UN)

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