Arson Being Used to De-Stabilize Farms?

The strange phenomenon of Badrah's fires also seems to be an annual one, happening around the same time every year. Last year many fields there were burned in early May and 11 days later there was another similar farm fire.

“Most of the people here have abandoned their farms anyway because there is not enough water. Most of them now work with oil and other commercial companies who've come to this area,” adds Abu Hassan.

It is true that recently Badrah has had about eight fires in flourishing citrus and palm orchards, Badrah's mayor, Jafar Abdul-Sahib, confirms. Abdul-Sahib reports that local security forces were doing their best to find the perpetrators but that there seemed to be more than one arsonist, and it was difficult. Details had to reman confidential. “These crimes are destroying the economy of the city,” Abdul-Sahib said.

Many locals believe the arson has a political dimension. Members of Wasit's provincial council have accused other political parties of being behind the fires because the land is part of Iraq's so-called disputed territories. The disputed territories are land that the Iraqi Kurdish believe should belong to them but which the Arab-dominated government in Baghdad says are actually part of Iraq proper. Council member Mahdi al-Mousawi says that it benefits “some political parties” if these areas are unstable.

“If the security situation is unstable, it intimidates people,” al-Mousawi argued – although he would not name the parties. However locals reading between the lines recognise that he is accusing local Kurdish parties of trying to destabilize the area.

“We do not have any concrete evidence that any political party is involved in these incidents,” says Wasit's governor, Malik Khalaf. In fact, Khalaf believes the fires are being caused by the layout of the fields. “The main reasons behind these fires is negligence and the fact that farmers smoke water pipes out on the fields,” he concludes.

As Wasit's farmers watch their fields smoulder, it's hard to say if the truth will ever come out.

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