Extended Partnership to Improve Electricity in Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Regional Government's Ministry of Electricity and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) have extended their partnership to improve the electricity sector.

UNDP will play a pivotal role in updating the region’s master plan and strengthening the institutional capacity of the regional government by establishing a training centre in Erbil.

UNDP will continue to help implement international procurement best practices, and build substations and transmission lines in the three governorates of Erbil, Dohuk and Sulaymaniyah, this until March 2018.

H.E. Salahaddin Babakir, Kurdistan’s Minister of Electricity said:

"We have a long history of partnership with the UN development agency and appreciate the solid expertise and continuous technical assistance provided.

“The establishment of a training centre will bolster our institutional capacity to respond to current and future needs under the electricity master plan.”

Sultan Hajiyev, Deputy Country Director of UNDP, added:

We are very pleased to work hand in hand with the Ministry of Electricity and see this partnership expanded.

“Kurdistan’s electricity sector has achieved significant improvement in recent years; delivering efficient public services is key to inclusive growth and developing the private sector.”

In 2008, the regional government entered into a loan agreement of ¥14,747 million ($11,4 million dollars US) with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to fund the reconstruction of the electricity sector. UNDP backed the regional government in a loan management preparatory phase since 2007.

Already amended in 2013, the partnership with UNDP outlined the provision of technical assistance for the installation of mobile substations in the three governorates, and building a substation and double circuit transmission line in Sulaymaniyah.

The new agreement now includes the construction of a transmission line in Halabja, in order to provide electricity to a critically needed water intake and water treatment facility in the eastern city of Sulaymaniyah governorate.

With projects worth $450 million dollars US in total, UNDP has supported the reconstruction of the Iraqi electricity sector since the mid-1990s, through its Electricity Network Rehabilitation Programme, which started in 1997.

(Source: UNDP in Iraq)

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