US Military Hosts Vendor Day in Erbil

U.S. Soldiers at the regional contracting office in Erbil hosted the first in-theater vendor training day to cultivate the critical relationship between local vendors and U.S. forces on the ground.

Topics discussed with potential vendors ranged from the solicitation process to reading and understanding what is required in military contracts.

Since their arrival in Erbil, the RCO team has executed contracts totaling more than $2.8 million supporting the Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command – Iraq mission.

It is evident that this day marks the beginning of a relationship forged in trust and mutual understanding of U.S. government contracting personnel and the local vendors here in Iraq,” said Maj. Larry Epps, Erbil team chief.

In the coming months, the Erbil team will continue building on the relationship with the vendors in order to expedite the acquisition of their customers’ requirements.

(Source: US Dept of Defense)

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