23 Killed in Baghdad Checkpoint Blasts

By Robert Tollast.

At least 23 people have been killed and 60 wounded in two separate suicide vest attacks in Baghdad, the BBC reports.

The attacks took place in the early morning rush hour traffic and targeted checkpoints, normally an attempt to cause casualties in the backlog of traffic.

Alternatively it could be a sign that there was a further target that the bombers were trying to hit, but security forces forced the attackers to detonate the devices early. Markets were nearby, so it is probable the intent was far higher casualties.

Typical terror attacks in Baghdad involve VBIEDs--vehicle borne improvised explosive devices, or car bombs as they are more commonly known. When terror groups such as ISIS change tactics, it is sometimes a sign that a more favoured tactic (in this case car bombs) is becoming harder to execute.

(Source: BBC News)

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