Iraqi Forces Advance into Ramadi

By Simon Kent.

Iraqi army forces, supported by pro-government Sunni tribes and US air strikes, have advanced into central Ramadi according to officials quoted in UPI.

The reported capture of the train station in the centre of the town  would mark the culmination of a series of "shaping operations" to cut off ISIS from their supply lines.

The city, home to over 400,000 Iraqis, fell to ISIS in a shock blow to the Abadi govt. in the spring of this year. It had been defended by elite Iraqi Special Forces and Sunni tribes, and those same forces have spearheaded the attempt to re-take the town.

Progress has been slow, affected by record summer temperatures and recent heavy rain storms, in addition to a suicidal ISIS defence that has seen houses rigged with bombs and entire minefields of IEDs.

If the town is recaptured, it will be a huge boost to the Abadi government and another set back for ISIS in Iraq, who have been subjected to successfully coordinated Iraqi offensives in Baiji and Sinjar.

(Source: UPI)


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