Canada Changes Iraq Mission

By Simon Kent.

Recently elected Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has announced a plan to increase the number of training personnel working with Kurdish Peshmerga in Northern Iraq. The number of Canadian advisers and trainers currently stands at 69.

The announcement comes after Trudeau pledged to end Canadian air support to Iraqi forces fighting the so called "Islamic State" and end air raids over Syria.

The new plan could leave the Canadian PM open to accusations that his Iraq policy is inconsistent, since training more Kurdish fighters essentially enables them to kill more IS, only less effectively without Canadian air support.

Furthermore, a number of prominent Kurds have expressed disappointment with the move to withdraw air strikes, although they note gratitude for Canada's assistance.

Canada has deployed a small number of ageing F-18 Hornet fighter bombers to the campaign, and although small, the force have carried out over 1000 air strikes since last summer.

Source: The Guardian.



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