US Strike Destroys 100 ISIS Fuel Tankers

By Simon Kent.

A wave of US aircraft, including A-10 bombers which can fire thousands of exploding canon shells per minute, have destroyed 116 ISIS fuel tankers near the Iraqi border in Syria.

The operation at Albu Kamal (the Iraqi side of the border is Al Qaim), code named Tidal Wave II, targeted a gathering of tankers moving crude oil in a move avoided by the US so far.

To date, the US has been concerned that many of the tanker drivers are Syrian civilians desparate to earn a living, but this time the risk to life was minimised as the US planes dropped warning leaflets ahead of the strikes.

Further US operations now focus on not only destroying ISIS oil infrastructure, but ensuring that spare parts are destroyed as ISIS attempt to repair oil installations.

The strikes are expected to deny the group a significant portion of its income, as Syrians desperate for fuel buy it from ISIS, while unscrupulous traders have also been purchasing it in areas next to ISIS controlled territory.

Source: CNN

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