Iraq and Iran Discuss Cross Border Fields Plan

By Simon Kent.

Iraq's Deputy Oil Minister Fayadh Nema, who is currently acting Oil Minister until Abadi's new cabinet is finalized, has recently announced a trip to Tehran to discuss cross border oil fields.

Once a controversial topic between Tehran and Baghdad, Iraq's many cross border oil fields are now back on the agenda as sanctions fall away from Iraq's neighbour.

Plans are now underway to develop a series of fields including Huwaiza in Maysan province, south of Baghdad, and Nafthkhana in Diyala province, north east of the capital. In Basra, the field of Sindibad is also being discussed.

Initial accounts suggest the Maysan Oil Company [Missan Oil Company] has been in talks with PetroChina, who would represent the Iraqi government in a Joint Venture to develop the Huwaiza field.

(Source: Platts)


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