Court Hears of 'Outrageous' Iraq Bribe

By John Lee.

The father of a notorious ISIS terrorist is facing charges in Australia for allegedly conspiring to bribe officials at a company linked to the Iraqi government in the hope of winning lucrative building contracts.

Mamdouh Elomar, aged 62, his brother Ibrahim Elomar (60) and businessman John Jousif (46) were charged following information discovered by phone taps.

Prosecutors say a "partnership contract" was proposed following a series of meetings in 2014, that would position Sydney-based construction firm Lifese as the preferred bidder on projects including a waste management facility in Baghdad and a pre-cast concrete facility.

But according to a report from Australian Associated Press, the proposed agreement hinged on a $1 million payment to un-named corrupt officials.

Company owner Mamdouh Elomar is the father of Mohamed Elomar, who was reportedly killed last year while fighting for the Islamic State group (IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) in Mosul.

A decision on whether the three should face trial is expected on Thursday.

(Source: Australian Associated Press)

(Court image via Shutterstock)

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