Iraq Tender for New Tankers

The state-owned Iraqi Oil Tankers Company (IOTC) has announced a tender for the purchase of two tankers; a" handy size" 20,000-25,000 DWT and VLCC tanker of 180,000-240,000 DWT:

(Source: Ministry of Oil)

One Response to Iraq Tender for New Tankers

  1. Ahmed Mousa Jiyad 23rd March 2017 at 17:26 #

    I cannot but to repeat my previous comment posted on 23 Feb 2017 on the same issue:

    What a nonsense! The Minister needs to read carefully the history and experience of IOTC and he is highly advised to assess the economic feasibility of what he is advocating, especially under current and near-future financial difficulties facing the country. It seems he is out of touch with reality and outdated! What a disappointment!!

    Ahmed Mousa Jiyad,
    Iraq/ Development Consultancy & Research,
    [email protected]

    23 March 2017