Iraq outlines Plans to Rebuild Country, Inspire Tolerance

Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for the prime minister’s office, also told Al-Monitor it will be necessary to “instill the concept of coexistence and shared living between the different spectrums and ethnicities of the city.”

Hadithi outlined the overall reconstruction plan for Al-Monitor.

“Iraq will start implementing the strategic plan prepared by the Civil Crisis Management for the reconstruction of Mosul as a priority, as part of a long-term project for the reconstruction of all the areas liberated from IS. The first phase of the project will begin in 2018 and will continue until 2022. The final phase is scheduled to begin in 2023 and go until 2028.”

He said, “Mosul is a high priority in the reconstruction plan because of the massive number of displaced people there, in addition to the city’s symbolic importance, as IS considered it to be its second capital after Raqqa in Syria. Moreover, Mosul is the third-largest city in terms of population, after Baghdad and Basra in the south.”

In mid-June, Iraqi Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassem al-Jaf said, “The number of the displaced people from the western side of the city of Mosul has risen to 690,000 people since the Iraqi forces launched their offensive Feb. 19.”

Hadithi also talked about the main priorities of the strategic reconstruction project, saying, “It focuses primarily on the displaced, or those who stayed in the city when it was under occupation. The necessary funds, mechanisms and services will be employed to allow the return of the citizens who are able to do so to their homes, as the city is now secured by the army and the security forces present there.”

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