Iraq outlines Plans to Rebuild Country, Inspire Tolerance

Hadithi told Al-Monitor that “the bank has shown willingness to invest in the reconstruction of Mosul.” For example, the Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terrorist Operations was early to launch its projects. During the Erbil International Reconstruction Conference, the fund revealed May 18 that more than 151 projects had been launched in several provinces liberated from IS.

Undoubtedly, the reconstruction projects will be a good investment opportunity for many countries, which have become even more enthusiastic to participate in projects now that they have learned that Iraq will be able to provide the necessary funds for reconstruction.

This is the case with Turkey, Iraq’s neighbor. Turkish ambassador to Iraq Fatih Yildiz said June 15 that Turkey is “ready to hold a conference for Iraqi and Turkish businessmen and investors during the months of August and September to cooperate in the reconstruction process.” French companies have also expressed interest in reconstruction projects.

The people of Mosul began to return to their city before the final liberation of the area, Ninevah Gov. Nawfal Hamadi al-Sultan said in a press statement June 15. However, the complete return of the displaced will require the reconstruction process to move quickly to eliminate terrorism, Islamic Supreme Council President Ammar al-Hakim said May 22.

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