Corruption now "Biggest Threat to Iraq"

Corruption has become the biggest threat to the future stability of Iraq following the defeat of Islamic State, Britain’s ambassador in Baghdad has told the Evening Standard newspaper in London.

Jon Wilks said that although there were “remnants” of IS still present, the country was “settling down ahead of expectations” and starting to recover from decades of war and insurgent attacks.

But he warned that corruption — which this month sparked violent protests in Iraq’s second city Basra — still posed a significant risk because of the negative effect that it had on business investment and public confidence.

Full report here.

(Source: Evening Standard)

One Response to Corruption now "Biggest Threat to Iraq"

  1. Ibn Al Iraq 24th September 2018 at 09:39 #


    Its heartening to hear this news. we will continue to fight corruptions. Both GoI and Kurdish Gov should be totally ashamed of themselves and should step aside for new faces to rule to change the constitution to start with.

    Countries like he UK, USA should exert more efforts to discourage it too as they are partly responsible and should now pay attention to Iraqis primarily.

    God bless Iraq

    Thank you.