GE, Siemens Electricity Deals "in Doubt"

By John Lee.

The Financial Times has reported that the recently-agreed electricity deals with Siemens and General Electric (GE) are not certain to be approved.

It quotes Minister for Electricity Luay Al-Khatteeb (pictured) as saying:

“I don’t have financial allocations or the processes available at hand, it doesn’t allow me to cherry-pick the right consultancies to deal with these multibillion-dollar deals. The bureaucracy that I inherited is . . . illogical. ... certainly it’s going to be quite challenging to blindly accept such proposals.”

Al-Khatteeb took his post after the non-binding deals, or “principles of co-operation” were agreed with his predecessor, Qasim Al Fahdawi.

He said he that “volunteer experts” are helping “read in between the lines of these sophisticated legal contractual documents.

Last month, Lisa Davis, CEO of the Siemens Gas and Power Operating Company, and member of the corporation’s managing board, told The National last week that “discussions are ongoing.

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(Source: Financial Times)

One Response to GE, Siemens Electricity Deals "in Doubt"

  1. Ibn Al Iraq 12th February 2019 at 08:36 #


    These deliberate delays are only in Iraq!! which indicate that there are no serious willingness to solve the electricity shortage in Iraq for so many reasons; starting from political, corruptions and negligence.

    why can't the minister engage an international advisor to negotiate these two deals with Siemens and GE.

    Siemens have successfully worked and still working in the rest of Middle East very in Egypt, UAE and more

    GoI, neither the seniors at MoE are keen to move forward as their personal interests are in danger! they don't care about Iraqis' welfare or comfort.

    The current minister should be stronger to fight corruptions at his ministry which is the worst in Iraq.