China Railway Company considers Karbala-Najaf Railway

By John Lee.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Fuad Hussein, accompanied by the Ministers of Transport and Electricity, a number of Governors, Advisors to the Prime Minister and a number of general managers visited the China Railway Company earlier this week.

Among the projects discussed were the building of the Karbala-Najaf railway.

The Minister of Transport stressed the importance of the project and said that Iraq is ready to complete negotiations on the technical specifications.

(Source: Iraqi Ministry of Finance)

One Response to China Railway Company considers Karbala-Najaf Railway

  1. Izunna Paschal 4th October 2019 at 09:51 #

    Good day, I wish to know the circumstances as to why this company 'Transglobim' a Canadian construction company meant to carry on a project in the city of Najaf a monorail system for about 30months, did not start or complete the said project. Thank you