Iraq is Turkey's Fourth Biggest Customer

By John Lee.

According to statistics from Turkey's official statistical office, TurkStat, the country sold $20 million more to Iraq in January than it imported.

In January 2020, Turkey's main partner country for exports was Germany with $1.415 billion, followed by Italy with  $888 million, the United Kingdom with $869 million, Iraq with $816 million,s and USA with $746 million. The ratio of total  export of the first five countries in total export was 32.1 percent.

The top country for Turkey's imports was Russia with $2.083 billion, followed by China with $1.886 billion, Germany with $1.349 billion, USA with $1.223 billion, and Iraq with $796 million. The ratio of first five countries in total import was 38.2 percent.

(Source: TurkStat)

(Picture credit: Tasnim, under Creative Commons licence)

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