New Book on Extractive Industry in Iraq

By Padraig O'Hannelly.

We are proud to announce that IBN Expert Blogger Ahmed Mousa Jiyad has just published a new book.

"Governing Modalities of the Extractive Industry in Iraq, Resource-Revenue Management Issues" is structured to address and analyze four broad topics, review development of related issues and answer some seventeen main questions and many others within:

I - Legal and Institutional Framework Governing Extractive Industry Sector in Iraq;

II - Revenue distribution;

III - Revenue volatility;

IV - Government spending.

Moreover, for each of the topics above mentioned, the research work endeavors to:

(a) Explain the current (up to 2015) state of affairs; and,

(b) Answer the questions listed for each topic.

Throughout the research the emphasis was on three important components:

  • Instruments, Policies and Institutions;
  • The constitution, various related laws, legal frameworks and modalities (Instruments);
  • Adopted polices, strategies, actions and plans (Policies) and involved state federal, regional or provincial entities, ministries, councils, committees and bodies (institutions).

The book is now available for purchase by clicking here.

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