Fake Bomb Detector Conman Released from Jail

By John Lee.

The British conman who made an estimated £50 million from selling fake bomb detectors in Iraq has reportedly been freed from jail.

According to The Sun, James (Jim) McCormick claims that his fortune and lavish lifestyle has disappeared, and that a lawnmower is now his only possession.

Security officials believe his scam allowed suicide bombers to kill and maim thousands.

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(Source: The Sun)

One Response to Fake Bomb Detector Conman Released from Jail

  1. Peter 23rd July 2020 at 22:27 #

    It would be justice if the Iraqi Government issues an arrest warrant for McCormick and extradites him for trial in Baghdad!!! Go for it Iraq!!!! He deserves it and then maybe he won't get his hands on the money he has saved in the Lebanon with his friend the General!!!!