IBBC hosts Panel to review the Govt's first 3 mths

On Monday 10th August-a distinguished online panel of academics and an IBBC advisory panel reviewed the GOI's approach to decisions and progress.

Dr Munqith Dagher-senior associate at CSIS and CEO of IIACSS, gave a new revealing and informative presentation on public perceptions of the new GOI, and its future prospects and opportunities.

Dr Rana Khalid, head of research IRAQI FORUM POLICY MAKERS CORPORATION, commented on the benefits of expanding the private sector in Iraq.

Mr Hani Akkawi, of CCC and advisory panel member, made a heartfelt plea for the people of Iraq and Lebanon in these challenging times, and went on to articulate how the private sector can benefit Iraq and the actions required to encourage investment and expansion.

Professor Frank Gunter of Lehigh University, and author of IBBC's Iraq 2020 Report, summarised the issues facing the Government, outlined solutions, and summed up the overall situation.

Aziz Shwan Ahmed of the advisory panel completed the initial presentations with an unarguably good case for improving the power and electricity supply system as a matter of priority, be enhancing distribution networks, creating jobs, and increasing private sector contribution in the economy

Please view the panel discussion here

(Source: IBBC)

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