New Bus Service planned to Baghdad Airport

Translated by L. Bedrosian.

The Iraqi Minister of Transport has instructed the General Transport Company for Passenger and Delegations to begin providing regular transport services to and from Baghdad International Airport (BIAP).

Nasir Hussein Bander Hamad [Nasser Hussein Al-Shibli] added:

"Services will soon begin with modern, air-conditioned buses equipped with a smart card reader system."

(Source: Ministry Of Transport)

One Response to New Bus Service planned to Baghdad Airport

  1. Ibn Al Iraq 20th August 2020 at 09:21 #


    We can't believe nor comprehend that traveling in /out of mainly Baghdad's airport is so bad and cheap!!

    The experience is appalling , tiring and stressful, each passenger goes through at least five check points along with delays and humiliations especially during summer time!! BUT if you are well connected and part of any ruling party or MP you bypass all these !!!

    I ask few ministers, deputies to try these process disguised and see !!!

    We deserve much better at this era and the process should be improved big deal.

    I ask the current transport minister to attend to this pls.

    Thank you!