Key Speakers to address Iraq Petroleum Virtual Event

Iraqi Government and Oil and Gas Industry Thought Leaders to Speak at Iraq Petroleum Virtual Event

  • Annual Conference set to navigate the future of the oil and gas industry in Iraq
  • Conference will include online conference sessions available live and on demand for all attendees
  • Delegates will gain insights into the latest policy and project announcements in the oil and gas sector in Iraq as well as the key recovery strategies post pandemic
  • Virtual Event will take place on 20 - 21 October through an interactive platform

CWC and Global Future Energy's Iraq Petroleum Virtual Conference will include 6 content-rich panel sessions, enabling the oil and gas industry stakeholders to connect and engage with each other virtually to address current issues and facilitate practical solutions to advance the industry in these challenging times.

The Iraq Petroleum Virtual Conference constitutes of Ministerial Panel, Leader's Session, a Spotlight Session on Kurdistan Iraq Economic Relations and executive panels delivered by thought industry experts. The conference will provide exclusive information, maps and updates on unrivalled opportunities and upcoming projects.

Iraq Petroleum attendees will gain all necessary tools to swiftly adapt their businesses to the post-lockdown environment. In light of the unprecedented circumstances and arising opportunities, the decision-makers and influencers from across the industry will get together to unlock new business opportunities on all levels of the energy industry at Iraq's most-established and longest-running energy event, the Iraq Petroleum Conference, and discuss:

  • Iraq's potential as a game changer in the global energy markets; how could Iraq reach its full potential?
  • How could Iraq build a new breed of NOC-backed by trading houses?
  • How could Iraq expand its crude oil market beyond the current buyers?
  • Iraq's next chapter of upstream investment: How to reform Iraq's upstream service contracts; what is the way forward?
  • Post pandemic lessons: How to accelerate the digital transformation of Iraq's energy sector?
  • Iraq's Electricity: Revolutionizing the Industry; What are Iraq's priorities post pandemic?
  • Do International Oil Companies plan to build portfolios in Iraq through investments in various parts of the value chain?
  • What are Iraq's projected gas plans in 2020-2030?

Over the past decade, the CWC Iraq Portfolio has hosted over 100+ Ministers and Senior Officials at various events. Now in its 14th year, Iraq Petroleum will again provide the only platform for oil and gas stakeholders in Iraq to convene. These high-calibre events are held with the support and participation of the new Federal Iraqi Government, the Federal Ministry of Oil, Federal Ministry of Electricity, the Iraqi Federal Parliament, REFAATO as well as considerable sponsors including Lukoil, Mitsubishi and ILF.

Speakers will include:

  1. HE Ihsan Abduljabbar Ismaael Al-Saade, Minister of Oil, Federal Government of Iraq
  2. HE Nafaa Abdulsada Ali Al-Hmidawi, Senior Deputy Minister, Ministry of Electricity, Federal Government of Iraq
  3. Matthew M. Zais, PhD Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of International Affairs, US Department of Energy
  4. HE Matthew H. Tueller, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, United States Embassy, Iraq
  5. Husam Hussein Weli, Director General, South Reļ¬neries Ministry of Oil, Federal Government of Iraq
  6. Dr Khalid Al-Yaqoobi, Director General, President of Iraq Office, Iraq Presidency, Federal Government of Iraq
  7. Egor Zubarev, Managing Director, LUKOIL Mid-East Limited
  8. Zaid Elyaseri, Head of Country, BP Iraq

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2 Responses to Key Speakers to address Iraq Petroleum Virtual Event

  1. Ibn Al Iraq 20th September 2020 at 08:46 #


    1- almost seventeen years have passed and yet entry visas into Iraq are an issue and lots of companies endure many obstacles, corruptions and literally you beg officials for a visa or pay $2000 per visa !!!!

    2-Tax authority are still lingering with delays and excuses waiting for bribes to finalize your tax matter. especially now given the current pandemic issue!!

    3- most of civil servants at Basra Oil Co and other offices are half sleep and all they care is their salary, mission abroad and gifts. Major & small projects are pending since 2011 and not yet finalized despite regular follow ups by the contracting companies !!!

    4- still there is no accountability and auditing of any department within any directorate

    5- most of civil servants believe they know everything and they are top experts while all foreign companies are in Iraq to steel and cheat, that's not true at all and this perception should change. We need international expertise to build our country along with decent Iraqis

    given all the above Iraq Gov and MPs call for international investments into Iraq!! Why should they come !!!!! where is the support ????

  2. Ibn Al Iraq 20th September 2020 at 10:57 #

    Iraq Gov is only kidding themselves but not us or playing dump or deaf!!!

    GoI should take actions now by tackling these issues, be brave enough to dismiss some trouble making officials and kick others' back side to work, follow up and deliver results & improvement's.

    New & talented blood have to take over and build the country.