Iraq Falls Further in World Press Freedom Index

By John Lee.

Iraq has fallen in the World Press Freedom Index for 2021, ranking 163rd out of 180 countries, down one place on last year.

The result puts Iraq behind countries such as Turkey and Sudan, but ahead of Iran and Syria. First place went to Norway, with Eritrea coming last.

Reporters Without Borders (RWB, RSF), which publishes the annual study, said:

"Journalists who dare to report the demands of the protesters are liable to be harassed, abducted, physically attacked or even killed by unidentified militias ...

"Coverage of political or religious figures still regarded as untouchable can lead to prosecution or to media bans for disrespecting "national or religious symbols". Murders of journalists go unpunished because they are not investigated or, if there is an investigation, it goes nowhere, relatives say."

More details here.

(Source: Reporters Without Borders)

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