Ten Years Jail for Iraqi Real Estate Fraud

By John Lee.

Nineveh Criminal Court has sentenced the former director of Real Estate Registration and his assistants to ten years in prison for fraud relating to property belonging to Mosul Municipality Department.

The court issued a sentence of temporary imprisonment for ten years in accordance with article (289) of Penal Code No.(111) of 1969 amended pursuant to articles 47,48and 49.

The suspects participated in the offense of illegally registering the real estate No124 plot 39 southern Nineveh belongs to Mosul Municipality Department under name of Hadba Cooperation Association upon bond No.175/tah 2/2002 volume 1340. This bond is fake then they illegally registered the real estate in name of the accused (A.A.Z) whose case is separated.

(Source: Supreme Judicial Council)

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