Musab Alkateeb joins IBBC Advisory Board

Musab Alkateeb, the immediate past CEO of Siemens Iraq, has joined the the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) advisory council after 20 years leading Siemens Iraq, Honeywell and championing government reform in Iraq.

Musab is well known to IBBC members, to Iraq and the private sector and has a wealth of experience in the issues of energy production and understanding the issues facing private sector companies in Iraq. In his advisory role, he will give guidance to IBBC as it navigates Iraq and the governmental sector.

He says:

"IBBC is the leading business organisation in Iraq, and I have high regard for both Baroness Nicholson and Christophe Michels in their ability to get things done in the country. They are clearly the most effective business organisation for the private sector and are strong advocates and influencers when it comes to promoting the private sector, especially among Government officials, where they are almost unique in driving meetings and helping companies get access via trade missions and bespoke discussions and making things work and bridging divides like no other, I call it the can-do spirit".

Musab's hopes for Iraq inevitably evolve around solving problems in Iraq, especially supporting a growing private sector, which is still seen by many as second class to the public sector, but which also provides a solution to the country's economic and social problems.

Other countries accept the private sector as key to prosperity, but not yet in IRAQ. The other key area for attention is to fight corruption, that is killing business, and the removal of both Government bureaucracy and corruption will enable business to flourish.

Christophe Michels, MD of IBBC says:

"We are delighted and very pleased that Musab is joining our distinguished advisory council, where he will be able to advise us on business in Iraq, with particular focus on the energy transition, and his guiding hand on Iraqi culture and government expertise. Moreover, the membership and our community is retaining and old and highly distinguished friend in our group and a strong advocate for the private sector".

(Source: IBBC)

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