Zwipe, INC to pilot Biometric Payment Cards in Iraq

By John Lee.

Norwegian biometric authentication firm Zwipe and International Network for Cards and Digital Payment Services (INC) have announced that they will pilot Biometric Payment Cards in Iraq.

According to a press release from Zwipe, this will be the first biometric payment card pilot in the country, and INC will be offering issuance of white label biometric cards as a service for banks and other payment companies.

In collaboration with Zwipe, INC will incorporate biometric payment cards in its portfolio and offer it as a standard payment product to its client banks in the Iraqi market, with the first client being INC's own NEO Visa cards which will be introduced as the first biometric plastic cards in Iraq.

This development was made possible through INC's strategic partner Nymcard which confirmed in September 2021 its collaboration with the Norwegian technology company Zwipe to bring biometric payment cards to the MENA region.

(Source: Zwipe)

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