Cabinet allocates $24m for Reconstruction in Najaf

By John Lee.

The Cabinet held its regular meeting on Tuesday, under the chairmanship by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.

In the presence of the Governor of Najaf, Mr. Majid Al-Waeli, the Cabinet agreed a number of measures to improve public services in Najaf:

  1. Construction of a second bridge in the Abbasid district
  2. Completion of Ya Hussain Bridge on the road linking the governorates of Najaf Al-Ashraf and Holy Karbala
  3. Construction of the fifth Kufa bridge (extension of the airport road) linking Kufa road east of the Euphrates and the road to the cement factory
  4. Construction of the second passage bridge over the Euphrates River (Imam Ali A. Bridge)
  5. Heavy water treatment plant project in Bahr Al-Najaf
  6. Unified Najaf-Kufa Water Project
  7. Construction of Azamiyeh-Dasim (Azamiya-Dassem) road
  8. Establishment of four truck weighing stations at the entrances to Najaf Governorate
  9. School building

The measures include agreeing that the Central Bank of Iraq, the Trade Bank of Iraq, the Ministry of Communication, the Media and Communication Commission, and the National Oil Company, provide grants to the province as follows:

  • Five billion dinars from the Ministry of Communication.
  • Five billion dinars from the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI).
  • Ten billion from the National Oil Company (INOC).
  • Ten billion from the Communication and Media Commission (CMC).
  • Five billion from the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI).

(Source: Iraqi Cabinet)

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