Iraq plans to Expand Domestic Defense Industry

By John Lee.

Iraq has reportedly confirmed that it will open new production facilities for the manufacture of weapons and light munitions, and even the assembly of combat aircraft.

The Director of the Defence Industries Commission, Mohamed Sahib Al-Daraji (pictured), told the state-controlled Iraqi News Agency (INA), that:

"Iraq has concluded memoranda of understanding with several countries to enhance the process of arming the security forces, transfer technology and help develop our war industry ...

"the extent of the impact and credibility of these memoranda is evidenced by experience, so far, we have concluded memoranda with Turkey and Poland, and we are in the framework of signing memoranda of cooperation with Britain and Pakistan, and the success of the issue becomes clear over time."

He emphasised the importance of consolidating weapons manufacturing in the country "as a national duty that supports national security and is of great economic benefit to the country because it will prevent the exit of funds that can be used internally."

Al-Daraji added the Iraq has a project to assemble combat aircraft, "and ... has adopted a locally manufactured fighter jet project ... We have discussions with some countries to assemble helicopters in Iraq, as well as repair and maintenance operations."

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(Source: INA)

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  1. Jim Krider 19th June 2022 at 00:30 #

    Best wishes for business expansion!