Iraq Petroleum Sector Chronicle, Volume 2 - 2011

Iraq Business News Expert Blogger, Ahmed Mousa Jiyad, has completed the second volume of his chronicle of the Iraqi oil industry, this time covering 2011.

The first volume, published in October 2021, covers the development in the upstream petroleum in Iraq prior to 2011 and has a subtitle "Grand Opening for Big Push Strategy".

The subtitle reflects the mood, sentiments, actions and views that prevailed then both inside and outside Iraq, expecting Iraq to be a game changer in the international petroleum scene; that was premised on the concluded service contracts pursuant to the bid rounds, particularly the first and the second, as evidenced by the contents of volume one of the book.

One year later, in 2011, signs of powerful restraints began to emerge and thoughts for revising downwards the unrealistic, unattainable oil production targets were contemplated; many views and opinions covered by volume 2 of the book were explicitly or implicitly advocating such revision.

Hence, the subtitle for this second volume reflects that dramatic shift from high expectations originally formulated after concluding the above mentioned contracts; it is "A Game Changer, No More".

Click here to read the introduction to the book.

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