MSF in Iraq annual report 2021

The effects of years of conflict and instability are still felt in Iraq, more evidently in regions that witnessed fighting between the Islamic State (IS) group and the Iraqi-led coalition. In 2021, Iraq continued to be severely affected by COVID-19, with the country experiencing its second and third COVID-19 waves, each recording a higher number of infections and deaths than the one before it.

The pandemic significantly impacted the ongoing recovery of the health system and people's ability to access healthcare services. Many healthcare facilities across the country suspended their regular programmes to focus on treating COVID-19 patients.

MSF teams continued to provide a wide range of essential medical services and supported the response to health emergencies and health needs caused by the recent war against IS, the consequent displacement and return of millions of people, people's under-served healthcare needs and the COVID-19 pandemic.

This annual report provides an overview and the highlights of our activities across Iraq during 2021.

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(Source: MSF)

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