Eduba Launches Educational "Super App"

By John Lee.

Baghdad-based ed-tech platform Eduba has reportedly launched its ''Super App'' - the first EdTech super app in Iraq and MENA that offers multiple services.

According to a report from Iraqi Innovators, the app has four components in their all-in-one learning management system, which includes interactive learning content, ride hailing, and payments.

It adds that the app is accredited by Iraq's Ministry of Education, giving Eduba "unlimited access to the 25,000+ educational institutions in Iraq. Moreover, they are partnering with Qi card, one of the biggest financial services company in Iraq that provide state-of-the-art finical inclusion services to include its services in the ecosystem."

Azad Hassan, Founder and CEO of Eduba, said:

"Our eyes are on the Iraqi and MENA market as we launch the first app of its kind that revolutionises the use of EdTech for purposes outside the classroom."

Last year, the company was one of nine business start-ups chosen for the second cohort of Kapita's ScaleUp Academy.

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(Source: Iraqi Innovators)

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