New Report on Iraqi Roads and Railways

Transportation Sector in Iraq: Roads and Railways

Transportation and mobility are pathways to urbanization, as addressing mobility challenges are key to accessing healthcare, education, and services, as well as promoting trade and commerce.

The road network and the railway system in Iraq have been in existence since the rule of the Ottoman Empire during the early 1900s, currently, Iraq has a network of roads and railways that is in need for rehabilitation and improvement.

The Ministry of Transport controls the transportation in Iraq, road transport is managed through the State Company for Travelers and Delegates Transportation and the State Company for Land Transport, and the railways are managed by the Iraqi Republic Railways.

In this report, we thoroughly examine land transportation, both road and railway in Iraq, starting from the history of both roads and railways and how they developed through the years, the companies involved in the sector, the number of passengers and cargo loads moved, to total revenues and wages.

Lastly, including recent projects and developments, major issues, and recommendations for both modes of transportation.

Click here to download the full report.

(Source: Kapita, in partnership with GIZ)

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