Iraq Suffers from Lack of Payment Services

By John Lee.

A new paper from Kapita and Euphrates Ventures says that Iraq suffers from a lack of many services due to financial payment issues.

"A few options are available in the market, yet those services are not up to international standards and are mostly only functional within Iraq," it says.

Among the difficulties listed are:

  • Freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr not listed Iraq;
  • Problems with using Google Developers, Google Cloud and Google Adsense;
  • PayPal and Xoom not supported in Iraq;
  • Shopify not supporting any payment gateway from Iraq;

There are also problems using AirBnB, Apple, TikTok and others.

Click here to view the full report (English)

... or here in Arabic

(Source: Kapita)

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