iQ becomes First Official Partner of Tencent in Iraq

Today, iQ proudly reveals its groundbreaking partnership with Tencent. In a bid to improve gaming latency and establish itself as a telecommunication pioneer, iQ has become the gaming publisher's first partner in Iraq, as well as one of its few partners in the region.

iQ will provide Tencent with powerful servers and unmatched connectivity to host its services in iQ's data center, which can lead to latency levels as low as 20 milliseconds for the end user, far lower than any other competitor in the country. All Tencent application games will be served, beginning with the most popular mobile game in Iraq, PUBG Mobile.

International customers will also be captivated by the combination of this partnership functioning simultaneously with iQ's Silk Route Transit Network, by helping to reduce international traffic and underlining iQ's influential technology stature in Iraq.

CTO of iQ Waseem Amjad said:

"With the increase in the penetration of smart phones, the way of how people consume media is changing. We believe that technological development can hasten the evolution of how individuals occupy themselves.

"Games are also extending into new fields like education and the workplace to increase engagement and interaction and enable novel and exciting ways of interacting with the world around us. As a result, we believe that over time, the E-sport and gaming industry will become one of the major economic contributors to Iraq's digital economy and the primary form of entertainment for the Iraqi people."


(Source: iQ)

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