KRG Digitises several Major Services

From the Kurdistan Regional Goverment:

According to the strategic program set by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), by the end of 2025, all services in Kurdistan will be managed digitally and electronically and no paper will be used.

The Prime Minister's vision for the issue of digitalization of government institutions and services has been made into a long-term strategic program and now being implemented in several institutions as they have been digitized:

Smart electricity meters

This electronic system plays a significant role in regulating electricity distribution, informing citizens about how to use electricity and preventing excesses on the public electricity grid.

Electricity bill

The electronicization of electricity billing systems has begun alongside smart meters, allowing citizens to monitor electricity consumption and electricity expenditures through their mobile phones.

Electronicization of judicial records

Electronicization of the judicial system is one of the largest electronic system of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) which about 65 judicial offices are connected to the main data center of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

E-System - Education

Through this system, all the work of the Ministry of Education of the Kurdistan Regional Government has been done electronically, which will have a better impact on the organization of staff, which is a major problem in the ministry.

Entry and Exit system

Regulation of entry and exit in the Kurdistan Region is one of the new steps of the ninth cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the most important benefits of this system is the creation of e-visa portal and collecting data on entry and exit in the borders.

Ministry of Higher Education

The system of processing citizen's transactions in the Ministry of Higher Education is Electronized, you can be aware of the transactions submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education through a mobile application.

Service Portal

This portal provides complete information about the offices and directorates of all ministries, offices and departments with the requirements that citizens need when making transactions. Before making any steps, citizens can check the service portal to see what kind of documents are required for their transactions.

Driving license

This digital system is for renewing driver's licenses in a modern and time-saving manner. At the same time, it will accelerate the annual renewal and vehicle registration processes throughout Kurdistan.

Electronic records and receipt of vaccines and dashboards.

In this context, the system of receiving the results of the coronavirus test, has been made electronic so that citizens can receive the results of the coronavirus test from their mobile phones. A coronavirus dashboard has also been established that citizens and journalists can use.

Electronic pension transactions

The pensioners' transaction system has been electronized and through this system all departments are connected together and the level of errors and routines is reduced and is a reason for the electronic payment of pensioners.

Electronicization of public contracts

The KRG's electronic public contracts system will enter a new stage of transparency and reduce routine in the tendering process in Kurdistan.

Electronic salaries

Digital Payroll Management System is another system for managing the payroll schedule of employees in the Kurdistan Region.

Electronic financial management

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Financial Management System is a system for managing expenditures of all institutions of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Information update system

This system is used between all institutions of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Department of Media and Information of KRG to send and publish news.

Electronic management of martyrs, Anfal victims and political prisoners

This system is used to manage the payment of financial entitlements.

Domain .KRD

The .KRD domain is the only Kurdish domain that represents Kurds in the world of technology and has great benefits in consolidating Kurdish language and culture in the electronic world.

Official Government Website

Official website of the Kurdistan Regional Government: Through this website, the websites of all ministries are linked together and citizens can access information and data of the Kurdistan Regional Government through this portal.

Central Government Data Center

The Central Government Data Center is the repository of information of the Kurdistan Regional Government and all the data that is digitized is stored in this data center.

(Source: KRG)

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