Iraq Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Fund I3RF: 2022 Report

Iraq Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Fund I3RF : Trust Fund Annual Progress Report to Development Partners 2022

The Iraq Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Fund (I3RF) was founded in partnership with the Government of Iraq in 2018 and is funded by Canada, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.The Trust Fund provides a platform for financing and strategic dialogue for reconstruction and development in Iraq, with a focus on promoting targeted national reform efforts and improving the effectiveness of public and private investments in socio-economic recovery and reconstruction.

The I3RF also aspires to support gender equality, the climate change agenda, peacebuilding, and citizen engagement in Iraq.

Since its inception in November 2018, the I3RF has worked closely with the GoI to support its recovery and reconstruction plans as well as inform its economic reforms. Sector teams continue to work closely with over 28 line ministries and other government entities to develop concrete action plans to implement economic reforms through technical assistance, advisory, analytical work and Recipient- Executed (RE) pilot projects.

In 2022, the I3RF produced 39 multi-sectoral analytical works to support economic reforms and diversification in Iraq. I3RF projects have informed policy and programming in reconstruction, agriculture, environment, energy, social protection, education, public financial management, the financial sector, the private sector, poverty programming and peacebuilding.

This I3RF 2022 annual report places a strong focus on results achieved from a range of multi-sectoral projects supported by the Fund. The report starts with an overview of the Fund and context. This is followed by a section on Results and Highlights which covers the achievements of active projects of the Fund throughout the last year. The next sections present an overview of the I3RF portfolio before sharing operational updates from 2022.

The final sections provide a financial overview and convey the Fund's ambitions for 2023. The annexes detail the progress of all projects under the I3RF and tabulate results achieved up to 2022.

(Source: World Bank)

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