Iraqi Minister discusses Industrial Partnerships with French Ambassador

By John Lee.

Iraq's Minister of Industry and Minerals, Professor Dr. Eng. Khaled Battal Al-Najm, met with the French Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Eric Chevalier, on February 7, 2023, in the presence of a representative from the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Minister expressed his desire to enhance cooperation with France in various industrial fields, including phosphate, iron, cement, and pharmaceuticals.

The Minister also discussed the local production of pharmaceuticals, which only meets 15 percent of Iraq's needs, and the Ministry's interest in supporting partnerships in this field, including the establishment of a pharmaceutical industrial city in Baghdad.

The French ambassador affirmed the French government's willingness to work with Iraq and encourage French companies to enter into business partnerships with the Ministry in the phosphate, iron, and pharmaceutical industries. The importance of activating the French-Iraqi Business Council was also highlighted.

(Source: Ministry of Industry and Minerals)

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